Britball: Week 12 review

As we make our way through the “back 9” of the Britball season in the Mens contact game, an interesting set of results to get our teeth into.

Before we do though, bit of news to tell you about on the international scene.

If you are wanting to try and get involved with the GB Lions, the men’s team are holding trials on the 23rd of October at the University of Nottingham. You can find out more here.

This weekend was all about the number 12.

Week 12 on the 12th September saw 12 (minus 7) teams score 12 points. I wonder if there were 12 drummers drumming at any of the games. The Sussex Thunderbolts at the twelfth hour (to be confirmed, trying to fit a narrative here) did one part of their name and bolted from their game against the East Kent Mavericks and from what i’ve seen about, seemingly at quite short notice. Not sure as to the reasoning why.

Let’s get to perhaps the shock of the weekend first though, and over in the East Anglia division which saw the Norwich Devils obliterate the Ipswich Cardinals 63-0. What isn’t a shock of course is me being able to predict Ipswich Cardinals results and was on the wrong end of that one yet again. What did I do to deserve this, Ipswich? Norwich must have been pleased with the results over their local rivals as they took the time to tweet about it and is their first tweet since June 6th. What goes on the Internet, stays on the Internet. On the Ipswich side, let’s just say their Twitter was a vidiprinter full of Norwich scoreline updates.

Staying in East Anglia and some things that are predictable, the Cambridgeshire Cats take their season to 7 wins from 7 over the Ouse Valley Eagles with a seemingly comfortable victory. Looking on the bright side for Ouse Valley, there was a closer winning margin and they managed to score 12 more than they did in the previous fixture. Their final game comes up this week against Colchester to try and prevent themselves from going 0-8 on the year.

Let’s go to the battle of the Bristol teams. Both teams winning yet again in their respective divisions, both teams again posting shutouts. The Apache get the bigger win this week as they demolish the Cornwall Monarchs 52-0, the Aztecs beat the South Wales Warriors, despite a slow start (8-0 after the first quarter). The Apache are 194 in the points difference column, the Aztecs are now 184 on points difference (assuming my maths is correct, BAFA website still has the Aztecs fixture as a fixture and not a result, happy days). The Apache have 1 remaining fixture against the Wyverns, and the Aztecs have two fixtures left. Have to think the Aztecs win the Points difference race with the Apache. Other fixture in the South West saw the Somerset Wyverns get an expected victory over the Jurassic Coast Raptors, 44-8.

Talking of battles, it’s usually a good game between any teams in the Thames Valley and this week saw the Hertfordshire Cheetahs and the London Blitz B do battle, Blitz B headed out to a 9-0 lead before Hertfordshire responded with 21 unanswered. Absolutely huge game in week 13 between the top two Cheetahs and Stallions in a repeat of Week 1. Winner takes all! You love to see it. Please for the love of god, someone get a live stream down there.

The Mercia saw just one fixture and Shropshire take no prisoners against the Railroaders at home, 56-0. They improve to 4-2 with their final game coming this upcoming weekend against Sandwell, could be a sneaky good game that to finish off.

In a repeat of Week 11, the Manchester Titans complete a quick double over the Chester Romans, Manchester pulling away in the second half, something we are used to seeing this year. If you wanna beat the Titans, you have to be perfect for 4 quarters. Manchester, still to wrap up the division face Merseyside in a few weeks time in their last game of the season against Merseyside, the nighthawks defeated the Lancashire Wolverines in the other fixture in the Red Rose division. I’m not sure if it comes down to H2H or points difference, but Titans all but mathematically division winners I believe, let me know if I am wrong. Either way, would be nice to still have something to play for in a division game at the end of the season.

Same comments apply in the Central east as Nottingham have all but secured that crown, 2 game lead with 2 to play, but Northants continue their good season with yet another strong performance against the Alphas. Scunthorpe’s season somewhat fizzling out with 3 straight defeats after their awarded win against the Alphas, the Alphas have only actually won on the field once, which came in their first game. Be interesting to see how they get on in the off-season and in 2022. Scunthorpe face the Caesers next whereas Knights face the South Lincolnshire Lightning. If results go a certain way, there is a chance the Knights could face the Caesers for the division crown on 26th September for the title. Due to the game imbalance, however, I’m not sure Northants can win. Who the hell knows, not me.

What I do know is, I got the Rushmoor game prediction wrong as Bournemouth take their mini series with the Knights 2-1 with a hard fought victory. They secure 2nd place in that division where only 3 teams are left standing at all. Couple more fixtures to play out there too. Bournemouth, a Div 2 team in 2019 are outdoing themselves for the division they are in, in amongst future or past Prem South teams, a pat on the back for those all involved with the team. If any of you Bobcats are reading, please reach out, love to get you on a podcast.

The final fixture to cover in England was a cracker, the South East Squadron, relative unknowns heading in to the season squeak past the East Essex Sabres, who have shown good form this season.

After trying to find some more info about game flow etc, I noted their Twitter account said is was temporarily restricted due to unusual activity. Not sure if that’s because they won again? Anywho, after that surprise win, they now sit at 2-1 with 1 game to play which will beagainst the Mavericks at the end of the month.

Moving to Scotland and you have to love the fact we got a 0-0 result, right?

The long trip down from Invergordon to South West Scotland must have taken the wind out of the Stags sails as both teams come up empty in a bore draw. It certainly is more difficult to have a full game played ending in a shutout for both sides.

Dumfries Hunters took full advantage and extend their lead at the top of the Satlire division. Dunfermline were without some offensive lineman and if you ever have that in Britball, you really are behind the 8 ball. A fair amount of fixtures still to play but Dumfries sit at 3-0 with head to heads over all of the teams currently. They have 2 away fixtures up coming so can they keep it going?

Prediction-wise, bad week for me. 9/14 correct, 140/175 on the season. Try again next week.

Photographer of the week: Des Fisher –

This week we head to East Anglia and a nice varied set of snaps by the photographer Des Fisher who, from the looks of one photo, may have been trying to camouflage himself but was spotted by the chain gang and officials! We also had a spectator give the signal for a touchdown, you love to see it. Get him on board, BAFRA!

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