Britball: Week 11 Results

Unfortuantely, not the most competitive of weeks as could we be seeing a trend as the later weeks of the season are being played out? Or was it just a coincidence of matchups? We’ll have to wait and see.

Let’s start north of the border where some hammerings handed out in the Caledonia division. The East Kilbride Pirates were not in a mood to mess around as they post a 50 burger and also a shutout, that’s a win-win for Coach McLaughlin and that Pirates team. The Edinburgh Wolves were just as dominant and achieved the same 50 burger shutout on home soil against the Inverclyde Goliaths, and was slightly surprised to see Inverclyde struggle to the point of drawing a blank. These results mean there is 2 sets of two with East Kilbride and Edinburgh clear of the other two. They’ll have a chance to extend that gap as the exact same fixture occur in two weeks time in week 13.

A game I didnt expect to see a wide margin was the Wyverns dethroning the Monarchs. The Wyverns continue their hot streak after their opening game loss, now on a 4 game winning streak. Mike Ellacott and Tom Bowering both scoring multiple TDs in a fight for MVP. Who won? Don’t know. But as has been the case an awful lot this year, the opening score was a safety for the Wyverns and they never looked back, thanks to Lucan on the Wyverns Socials!

One way traffic which was expected to be the case in the other game in the division, and this was called early too. The Apache far too strong for the Torbay Trojans, who are now 0-7 with the solitary fixture against the Monarchs left to go to try and change that, or at least add some points on the board which currently stands at 16. They did score 7 against Cornwall last time out, so here’s my fingers crossed for them to try and end on a positive. The Monarchs face the Apache next week.

In the Len Goodman division (Severn…I’m so sorry), the team from Bristol were just as unforgiving and punishing the Birmingham Bulls for the audacity to score a pick six for the first points in the game, by Ross (don’t know the surname, let’s assume it’s Gellar). 46 unanswered then for the Aztecs including defensive scores which included a safety too. The other fixture saw the South Wales Warriors defeat the Hereford Stampede. This one was 22-0 to South Wales before a bad injury to one of the Warriors led to a lengthy delay. Thankfully the game was able to be finished and Hereford were able seemingly to capitalise on the loss of focus from the Warriors players.

Couple of easy victories for the teams scoring 55 in the Mercia division, Shropshire going down but able to score a FG in their loss at home to Tamworth, meaning the Phoenix are unbeaten in all facets (youth, etc) apparently this year and the Leicester Falcons made short work at home against Staffordshire. Certainly no “mercy-a” here(look, I’m sorry, alright!). I’d give you the updated league table, but it looks a mess with one team playing 3 games and others playing 5 or 6, I’ll just wait til the end of the season when it’s a bit more level.

The Chester Romans were always going to be in for a tougher time of it after their last few fixtures against the Leigh Miners, and the Manchester Titans defence (and offence) were exactly as billed. Motivated by their lower power ranking from another Britball media outlet to the Sheffield Giants, Manchester conquer the Romans empire convincingly. they have continued to dominate in the division this season, with 42points their lowest points tally on offence. QB Sam Bloomfield continuing to lead a high powered offence to points and more importantly, victories. Bad news for the Romans, the two teams face off again (hopefully) next week.

On the South Coast, Rushmoor could not pull many punches against a crushing Solent team. Really looking forward to see what Solent can do in the Prem South next year. They go 6-0 on the season (7-0 if you include the O’s victory) with a resounding 42-6 victory against Rushmoor, who I am STILL waiting to play a home game so I can go watch. They face Bournemouth at home next week, but I’m in bloody Birmingham. Any chance of getting that fixture relocated fellas? Big game that one in the race for 2nd place, with both teams at 3-2 and both eerily having similar points for and against.

Ad 6 points to that above fixture and you have the scoreline from the South East fixture in favour of the Essex Spartans (48) beating the Thunderbolts (12). Nick Walter with a 70yard TD run for the Spartans, probably one of the plays of the week. Well, if it wasnt for the Thunderbolts recovering a fumble on their goal line to then take back the distance of the pitch. If someone has that highlight, please let me watch it. I’ve probably read the tweet wrong and Essex fumble on their own goaline, but let my imagination have this one, please.

In the London division, the London Warriors played a game and won a game (copy and paste for all future Warriors’ fixtures). Demolish the Olympians 68-6 and probably don’t need to say any more about it apart from the Olympians TD was an 80 yard receiving TD by Kadeem Crabbe.

Couple of fixtures in the Thames Valley saw the London Blitz B secure victory in what looked to be a decent tussle against the Oxford Saints. Highlight of a Saints TD below, lovely catch in the endzone. Number 28 of the Blitz B not being able to locate the football to make a play.

The Saints got to within 11 points in the 3rd, but Blitz B pulling away at a canter.

The Wembley Stallions defeated the London Hornets in the other fixture as they improve to 4-0-2. All eyes on 19th September as they face the Hertfordshire Cheetahs in a potential winner takes all fixture in the Thames Valley.

In the East Anglia division, just the one fixture and an expected result saw the Cambridgeshire Cats continue their dominance of the division as they defeat the Colchester Gladiators, improving to 6-0. As they have swept the Gladiators, I think that gives them the division as with two games left to play, they have a two game lead over them and a far superior points difference. Congratulations to them (if confirmed).

Saving the closest fixture to last, it sounded like a right ding dong battle in the White Rose between Doncaster and Humber. I chose incorrectly in terms of predictions but was a close one right to the finish. Humber converting on 3rd down after the two minute warning to be able to kneel out of victory formation. Prior to that, it seemed as if you have to make big time plays to score in this one with defences on top. Doncaster score on a 4th and 5 from the Humber 13, Jon Green with the reception of the arm of Joseph Canseco (great name, sounds like he;s the striker for Villareal), only for Humber to break off a big run for the score to wrestle back the lead. Humber finish their season off with a game against Knottingley, where a win will give them a 6-1 record for the year, sterling effort, chaps. Doncaster finish off with a tough assignment against Yorkshire.

In terms of predictions, I went 14/16 with Doncaster and Cornwall my erroneous selections. 131/161 for the season (81% correct).

Photographer of the week: Duncan Gray

How can you not have the photographer of the week coming from the team with the best helmets (apparently!). East Kilbride’s thumping of Glasgow on show here.

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