Britball: Week 10

First and foremost, this article is dedicated to the memory of Josh Meldrum, a player who sadly passed away this week. Best wishes go to the players, freinds and family who knew Josh.

If you, or anyone you know, is struggling with mental health issues please make use of the amazing resources available. Please do not suffer in silence and try and talk to someone about it if you know someone possibly suffering or if you are reading this, struggling alone.

Moving to week 10 and we’ve made it to double digits! Teams coming in all states and I must admit, we’re probably in a bit better shape than I thought we probably would be.

We see another installment of Saturday evening football as Leicester host Tamworth, I cannot see any info that this will be live streamed as at the time of writing the article, lets hope onside are covering it. I’m pretty sure they will be.

A couple of crackers on the fixture list for week 10 including the aforementioned battle in the Mercia. Tamworth and Leicester played out a 12-7 game in favour of Tamworth way back in week 1 and in fact, those 7 points are the only points given up this whole year by the Phoenix with 4 shutout performances since.

Staying in the division, Staffordshire Surge and Crewe Railroaders played out a nailbiter 7-6 a few weeks ago with the Surge taking it. Crewe will be featured on “Britball with the Breens” on Saturday over at Gridiron Hub’s Facebook page.

Another cracker, which is a cross divisional match that apparently WILL count towards the team’s W/L record sees two well known names in Britball as the Merseyside Nighthawks host the Sheffield Giants. IT’s fair to say that Sheffield will be chomping at the bit to get some more games this year as they’ve had 1 game abandoned and 3 “postponed” games, meaning they only have 2 results to their name thus far in weeks 1 and 8. Merseyside were due to play Halton (Red Rose) but that was dead in the water months ago. Leeds Bobcats vs Yorkshire Rams in the White Rose division is cancelled.

Staying in the Red Rose, the Leigh Miners retake the field and tackle Chester Romans in a rematch of week 9 where there was a fairly wide margin. Be interesting to see what Leigh learned last from week. Manchester Titans and the Lancashire Wolverines play their rearranged fixture which was postponed a few weeks back, though there may be an officiating issue with that game from what i can see on socials. Anyone that can help out, please contact the Titans.

North of the border sees a couple of games in the Saltire, with all 4 teams playing. Dunfermline Kings, off the back of their first ever victory host the Dumfries Hunters whilst the Clyde Valley Blackhawks, who lost to Dumfries in their first game travel up to Invergordon to face the Highland Stags. Both seem to be fairly close on paper so we’ll see if that turns out to be the case on Sunday evening. A win for Dumfries will put them in the driving seat in the division in the early goings.

A couple of fixtures in the Hadrians sees the Northumberland Vikings on home soil and it’s a 1st vs 2nd scenario as they host the Gatehead Senators. I don’t see anything but a home win personally, but we’ll see how close Gateshead can run them. A win for the Vikings will give them the division crown. In the other fixture in the division the DC Presidents will be looking to try and get off the mark as they travel to Darlington. These teams played in week one and was a comfortable victory for the Steam. Has much changed in 10 weeks? We’ll find out.

Jostling for position in the Severn division as we see the Birmingham Bulls and Swindon Storm do battle on the field, Swindon needing a positive victory to keep up their hopes for a 2nd place position. based off of the results this season so far, have to give the slight edge to Birmingham. At the bottom of the division, Hereford and Worcestershire play each other. The previous fixture back in week two was postponed but both teams will have earmarked this as a potential victory in their win columns. Both teams are yet to win this season so “someone’s 0 has got to go”! I’ll probably plump for Hereford in that one. Could be a low scoring affair in Hereford.

Heading further south, just the one fixture in the South West division, with the 0-5 Torbay travelling to the 2-1 Wyverns. This is Torbay’s first fixture for 3 weeks whilst the Wyverns played two weeks ago. Wyverns took the corresponding fixture earlier in the season fairly comfortably 57-0. I reckon the scoreline will be a bit closer than many expect (don’t ask me why).

Skipping over the South Central/Wessex division as there are no fixtures in that division this week, we head over to the South East, the Essex Spartans look to continue their good form as they host the East Kent Mavericks. The Spartans took down the Sabres in the TOWIE bowl last week, meaning the division is all to play for. A win for Essex will tie them up at 4-1 with East Essex in the division. A win for East Kent gets them back over .500 and a 3-2 record (psst BAFA, East Kent won 62-8 last week. Update your website).

In the Thames Valley, just the one fixture but an important one for the Hertfordshire Cheetahs as they host the Oxford Saints. Oxford are without a win in their 4 games and Hertfordshire are looking to keep pace atop of the division with themselves and the Wembley Stallions.

In the East Anglia division, the Norwich Devils face the Ouse Valley Eagles. Ouse Valley havent troubled the scoreboard since mid July and Norwich not faring too much better, with just the one win, against the Eagles back in week 2. Ouse Valley’s last game at home this season. In a rematch from last week, the Colchester Gladiators will look for a quick double over the Ipswich Cardinals. I’m hearing that the Cardinals will actually be hosting this game in a change of venue. Still delighted I called the result of an Ipswich game correct. If anyone from Ipswich is reading this, one of our Twitter followers suggested you should come on our podcast. Let’s make it happen! Also, London Warriors Instagram folks, what happened? You’ve gone AWOL….

One of the fixtures of the weekend sees the Scunthorpe Alphas host the Northants Knights. the 3-2 Alphas need to win to put breathing space between them and the 2-2 Knights. The teams will face off again in two weeks time too. Should be a close one on paper, I think Northants are perhaps starting to find their groove so will plump for them in the predictions. The other fixture in the groups sees the Lincolnshire Bombers (0-4) hosting the South Lincs Lightning (1-2). Lincolnshire will want to put their drubbing last week behind them and this one could also be a low scoring game. I’ll take the Lightning to win it (dont forget to check out our YouTube channel where we interviewed Coach Woolley from the Lightning and there is a chance to win a prize too!)

Nice short and snappy preview ahead of week 10. Make sure to check Onside producstion’s YouTube Channel to see if they stream the Phoenix/Falcons game or keep your eyes peeled on our socials and we’ll hopefully point you in the right direction.

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We’ll be back next week hopefully with another interview and of course our recap on the above fixtures. Get down and support your local team and tweet out the highlights and scores! Thanks for reading, see you next week.

Week 10 predictions:

  • Tamworth to beat Leicester
  • Dunfermline to beat Dumfries
  • Birmingham to beat Swindon
  • Chester to beat Leigh
  • Colchester to beat Ipswich
  • Crewe to beat Staffordshire
  • Essex to beat East Kent
  • Darlington to beat DC
  • Northumberland to beat Gateshead
  • Hereford to beat Worcestershire
  • Highland to beat Clyde Valley
  • South Lincs to beat Lincolnshire
  • Northants to beat Scunthorpe
  • Norwich to beat Ouse Valley
  • Hertfordshire to beat Oxford
  • Merseyside to beat Sheffield
  • Somerset to beat Torbay

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