Britball – Week 1 Results

Week 1 is in the books! Hope you were able to catch some of the live action, courtesy of Onside TV.

If you want a more in-depth review of the Tamworth @ Leicester game, you can find it here

Oxford Saints12vs16London Blitz B
Tamworth Phoenix12vs7Leicester Falcons
Bournemouth Bobcats20vs0Portsmouth Dreadnoughts
Cornwall Monarchs38vs12Jurassic Coast Raptors
DC Presidents0vs38Darlington Steam
Doncaster Mustangs17vs24Humber Warhawks
East Essex Sabres25vs6East Kent Mavericks
Halton Spartans15vs20Chester Romans
Hertfordshire Cheetahs7vs19Wembley Stallions
Ipswich Cardinals24vs3Ouse Valley Eagles
Knottingley Raiders6vs41Sheffield Giants
Lancashire Wolverines0vs83Manchester Titans
Northants Knights6vs14Nottingham Caesars
Sussex Thunder0vs34Solent Thrashers
Torbay Trojans0vs52Bristol Apache
Staffordshire Surge0vs19Sandwell Steelers
London Blitz9vs7Kent Exiles

We’ll be back later in the week for some reaction and preview ahead of week 2!

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