Britball: Week 1 Predictions

Welcome in to week 1 of Britball folks!

Make sure you check out our half hour with Jason Bowdler over on our YouTube/Podcast below as we take a look at the 1st week of the BAFA NL regionalised 2021 season.

NOTE: Hertfordshire Cheetahs are now accepting spectators!

Whilst you’re listening, here are Tim’s predictions for week 1. We will keep score of how he does as the season progresses.

Wins for:

  • London Blitz B,
  • Portsmouth,
  • Cornwall,
  • Humber,
  • East Essex Sabres,
  • Hertfordshire,
  • Halton,
  • Darlington,
  • Ipswich,
  • Sheffield,
  • Manchester,
  • Nottingham,
  • Solent,
  • Tamworth,
  • Bristol Apache,
  • Sandwell
  • London Blitz.

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