Here are the list of people we have dedicated to helping become a Coach or an Official as part of our “Make it Official” Scheme:

-Laura Dye-

-Cheshire Bears –

I was approached by the Chester Romans Ladies (who are now known as the Cheshire Bears Women’s American Football Club) back in 2014 at a Liverpool Pride Event with a flyer inviting me to a Rookie day.

Since then I’ve been lucky enough to play for many teams in the UK and also represented Great Britain since 2015. Playing American Football has completely changed my life but I know I won’t be able to physically play at this level forever so I’ve decided to do my Level One Coaching course and start to really learn more about the game so that I can pass on my knowledge and experience to the future generation of football players in this country, especially women. 

For anyone considering getting into American Football, all I can say is, just do it! There is a place for everyone no matter what shape, size and fitness level you’re at; everyone is always welcome. 

– Dale Russell –

– Somerset Wyverns / Bath Spa Bulldogs –

Course: Level 2 BAFCA Coaching Course

I started Playing football in 2013 for Bath Spa Bulldogs and have stuck with them through the years from when I left I stepped in as a coach and never looked back. 

Starting as just a positional coach I worked my way up to becoming the Defensive Co-ordinator which drove me to doing my Level 1. I just want to keep learning and improving hoping one day I can take over a team as their head coach. That is the reason I want to carry on up the ladder and complete my Level 2 as soon as possible.

I played all sports growing up but American football will always be the best in my eyes, a position for anyone and everyone. If you’re thinking about joining a Team I would highly recommend it.

Read Dale’s interview here!

– Alan Browning –

Former Morecambe Bay Storm

Course: Officiating

 I have been following NFL since mid 1980s, and as for playing I was a late comer at the age of 46.  I played for 3 years and coached for 2. I was then living in Lancashire  (Morecambe Bay Storm). I am now living on Norfolk/Lincolnshire border, it is here that I contacted BAFRA about officiating. 

– TBC –