Bets bet Tim (@Tim_MonkF10Y) and Adam (@touchdowntips)

Not only are we going to give you the best bets for week 5 ladies and gents.

We have an impromptu £100 challenge!!!

Seeing as though lots of you will be filling White Hart Lane, no doubt with betting slips in your hand, below are Adam and Tim’s bets if we had a mythical £100.

Chicago @ Oakland – £100 Challenge

Send us your £100 challenges and we’ll RT the best ones! See how you compare!

Week 5

Moving on to Week 5. Hopefully we’ll do better than our Week 4 where only our NB came in (Dissly anytime and Dallas Unders).

Best bet giveaway

Head over to Twitter and find our Giveaway Tweet where you can win this bet!

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