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  • Britball Semi Final Roundup
    By Tim Monk – @Tim_MonkF10Y The Bowl games have been decided. Promotion for some already secured, but we all know that isn’t enough. Winner’s medals are there for the taking, shaking bottles of champagne and drenching your mates with the UK’s answer to Gatorade is what they are all after. Let’s recap last week’s results … Read more
  • BAFA Semi Finals Preview
    By Tim Monk – @Tim_MonkF10Y No-one remembers losing semi finalists. All these teams will be giving it their all to appear in their respective division finals and look for that promotion or the title of Britbowl Champions. Who gets in? Tim's gives his previews below, don't forget to check out the recent podcast where we … Read more
  • BAFA Playoffs Quarter Final Roundup
    The business end of the season is here. Knockout football has started and I can tell by the twitter feeds from each of the teams that this is life or death stuff. We have upsets, we have comebacks and everything in between and the Premiership Playoffs haven’t even started. Let’s get in to the weekends … Read more
  • BAFA Playoff Preview
    By Tim Monk – @Tim_MonkF10Y The post season is here! Knockout football. The stakes are high as are the rewards. Division 1 and division 2 kick us off this weekend with some intriguing fixtures. We'll be dropping a special podcast on Saturday morning interviewing a few teams ahead of some of the big games. Here's … Read more
  • BAFA National League – Week 17 Results Roundup
    By Tim Monk – @Tim_MonkF10Y Just the Division 2 fixtures this week as the Division 1 teams gear up for the post season. This being the final regular season week, we’ll also give you the playoffs for both divisions at the bottom. So even with a reduced fixture list, a lot went on so let’s … Read more
  • Britball Week 16 Roundup
    By Tim Monk (@Tim_MonkF10Y) This week saw division titles being won and trap doors being opened so let’s dive right into it and give you the results and the provisional playoff picture… Prem North Absolute scenes in this division with it going to the wire! The Manchester Titans stormed out to a 17-0 lead against … Read more