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  • Britball: Interview with George Reynolds
    As part of our recent Britball day, we interviewed George Reynolds, former Kent Exiles QB and GB Lions and NFL Academy player. We talk about what he has been doing during lockdown and talk about his journey so far and what the next steps are for him!
  • Britball Quiz!
    I’ve put together 8 rounds of Britball questions. Words, Geography, History, Maths (!) and a whole lot more covering all the different facets of the game (Contact/Flag, mens/womens etc). There is a prize to giveaway. We’ll select at random anyone that subscribes to the channel and puts #eyespeeled in the comments. Any good Quiz team names too […]
  • Getting to know…The Aberdeen Roughnecks
    Next up on our tour of the UK American Football scene, we head way up north to Aberdeen and their offensive co-ordinator. Dont forget to check out our interview with the Manchester Titans here and a whole host of podcasts over on apple podcasts/spotify. If you would be so fabulous and subscribe to our pod […]
  • Getting to know… The Manchester Titans
    In support of our BRITBALL WEEK podcasts, we have gotten in touch with a few people from different teams in order for us to know a bit more about the Britball community. We will have a series of written interviews over the coming week or so to ease up on the podcast overload! First up […]
  • Uniball Results – 24/11/2019
    In association with the UKAFS Facebook page and UKAFL. 🏈 PREMIER NORTH 🏈 Leeds Beckett Carnegie 13 – 12 Durham Saints Stirling Clansmen 21-0 Coventry Uni Jets 🏈 PREMIER SOUTH 🏈 Birmingham Lions 39 – 8 Swansea Titans UEA Pirates 24 – 0 Hertfordshire Hurricanes 🏈 D1 NORTH 🏈 Northumbria Mustangs 42-49 Edinburgh Predators Hull Sharks 12-14 Edinburgh […]
  • Uniball – Week 3 Fixtures
    In association with the UKAFS Facebook page All Games Sunday 17/11/19 unless stated πŸŽ₯ = Live Stream 🏈 PREMIER NORTH 🏈 Coventry Jets v Nottingham Gold Durham Saints v Stirling Clansmen πŸŽ₯ (13:00) 🏈 PREMIER SOUTH 🏈 RESULT: Birmingham Lions 16 -2 UWE Bullets (Sat, 16/11) Hertfordshire Hurricanes v Swansea Titans 🏈 D1 NORTH 🏈 […]