BAFA National Leagues; Week 9 Roundup

Saturday 8th June & Sunday 9th June – By Thomas Rowberry (@Rowberry_)

Week 9 of the BAFA National Leagues saw perhaps the closest set of games since Full10Yards started covering British American Football with 6 games being decided by a field goal or less; the Sheffield Giants, East Kilbride Pirates, Glasgow Tigers, Hertfordshire Cheetahs, Cambridgeshire Cats and Lincolnshire Bombers all managed to come out of the weekend with hard fought Ws.

There were still a few shutouts this weekend with the Jurassic Coast Raptors, Chester Romans, Solent Thrashers, Leeds Bobcats, Birmingham Bulls and Torbay Trojans all managing to shutout their opponents.

Perhaps the result of the weekend saw the Lancashire Wolverines ‘upset’ the Nottingham Caesars 36-16. The Caesars went into the game coming off back to back victories against the Doncaster Mustangs and Shropshire Revolution whilst the Lancashire Wolverines went into the game off the back of a 59-6 beat down at the hands of the Sandwell Steelers. Nottingham now sit at 4-3 whilst the Wolverines keep their playoff hopes alive at 3-3.


Saturday 8th June

SFC 2 South
Jurassic Coast Raptors 9 – Hastings Conquerors 0

Sunday 9th June

Prem North
Sheffield Giants 14 – Leicester Falcons 12
Edinburgh Wolves 12 – Merseyside Nighthawks 33

Prem South
Farnham Knights 9 – Bristol Aztecs 26

NFC 1 North
Northumberland Vikings 5 – East Kilbride Pirates 8
Glasgow Tigers 13 – Aberdeen Roughnecks 12

NFC 1 South
Nottingham Caesars 16 – Lancashire Wolverines 36
Doncaster Mustangs 0 – Chester Romans 42

SFC 1 Central
Portsmouth Dreadnoughts 19 – Hertfordshire Cheetahs 21
Solent Thrashers 28 – Berkshire Renegades 0

SFC 1 East
Ouse Valley Eagles 12 – Wembley Stallions 21
Bury Saints 26 – Cambridgeshire Cats 27
Colchester Gladiators 3 – London Hornets 32

NFC 2 North
Inverclyde Goliaths 24 – Dumfries Hunters 15

NFC 2 Central
Leeds Bobcats 66 – Furness Phantoms 0
Morecambe Bay Storm 6 – Halton Spartans 47

NFC 2 South
Birmingham Bulls 74 – Crewe Railroaders 0
Staffordshire Surge 15 – Lincolnshire Bombers 17

SFC 2 South
Swindon Storm 7 – Bournemouth Bobcats 17

SFC 2 West
Torbay Trojans 49 – Worcestershire Black Knights 0
Somerset Wyverns 7 – South Wales Warriors 26

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