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You are reading this because you love draft season and you love fantasy football or you follow interesting people on social media…

Our podcast is part of a deep group of fantasy experts and podcasters pitting our wits against one another to be able to call themselves the cream of the crop.

Details of the league and the background to the draft can be found here.

We are a 12 team league and I have the honour of picking the 1.01. Joys!

You can follow our draft through the links which will take you through all the wonderful podcasts that are involved in this jolly jaunt and they can be found at the beginning and end of our posts.

In another league I had the 1.01 this year and drafted Zeke because I wanted to be different. This time, I followed the sheep.


Pick #1 – Todd Gurley, RB – LA Rams

Todd Gurley is as safe as they come in fantasy football this season; High scoring offence, focal point of attack and a mastermind at the head coach position.

Gurley managed to obtain over 2000 scrimmage yards last season and 19 total touchdowns. Same again? Probably not, but should get fairly close.

Yes, a lot more attention will be given to Gurley after last season’s performance and yes I don’t expect the long screen pass touchdowns to be as effective for Gurley and the Rams this season but Gurley truly has it all.

To give you insight in to why Gurley is the consensus number one pick this season, let’s take a look at the dominance that was Gurley in 2017…

In half PPR format leagues, Gurley finished as a top 10 RB  in 12 out of the 15 games played last year (didn’t play week 17 and neither should your fantasy league!). Furthermore he finished in the top 3 SIX times! That’s almost half of your fantasy season. To reiterate, chances are I don’t see him replicating his 2017 performance but he sure as hell isn’t going to fall through the floor, Sean McVay is too talented and creative a Head Coach. He’ll find new ways of getting Gurley the ball in space and in to the endzone. The LA Rams defence will be stellar meaning that they’ll chew the clock in some games and positive gamescript is important for running backs.

I don’t think you can make the wrong decision at #1 and the only thing stopping them from performing is an injury, just ask David Johnson fans from 2017.  But seriously, all players can get injured and you shouldn’t be playing fantasy football if you don’t pick a player because they may get injured (fair enough if they are already injured, but I am not picking Rashad Penny here…).

I could have taken Zeke again at 1, but it’s nice to have different shares of players in the 50 different fantasy leagues you’re in…right?

Your first round pick should have the least concerns, the highest floors and the biggest ceilings. Todd Gurley ticks all of those boxes. So I choose you, Todd!

Who went pick #2? You can find out by clicking here.

Over to you, number 2…

Enjoy the ride!


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