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Obviously, it’s us again with the pick and we literally mulled for about an hour what to do with it.

Our current roster is Todd Gurley, Mark Ingram, Mike Evans and Stefon Diggs. The same players are in consideration for our next pick and we though that WR may be the best shout because when it’s circles back round to us in 22 picks time, the depth gets a bit thin at both WR and RB. If we pick a RB or WR here, they would fill our flex spot. We are still not interested in a Tight End until the likes of Olsen, Engram, Graham, etc have gone so that makes the decision a bit easier.

But wait! Aaron Rodgers is still sitting there and its the frickin’ 5th round!

Industry drafts usually see QBs go later because everyone waits on them on the premise that there isn’t a big gap in scoring between QBs and the positional value is not the greatest. That said, taking Rodgers gives us the best player at the position, which will go nicely alongside Todd Gurley.

With the 1st pick of the 5th round, the Full10Yards podcast select Aaron Rodgers.


Aaron Rodgers when healthy, is always at least the 2nd best QB in fantasy football. Considered by many as the GOAT (pretty much everyone except Brady fans), Rodgers is a difference maker at the QB position both for the packers and fantasy football teams.

That said, Broken Collarbones currently is ahead of Superbowl wins 2-1 and missed the majority of last season after going down injured. So that is a risk going in to 2018 but it’s just a pick I couldn’t pass up and this is just too good a value to give to someone else.

I am very much a last round QB selector and it’s not the first time I have drafted Rodgers this offseason. Hopefully it pays off.

Each season he has been healthy, you can bet your bottom dollar on 4000+ pass yards, 30+ TD throws and single digit interceptions. Not many in the game can offer that as a minimum. Rodgers makes all WR relevant, it’s the only reason people are considering Geronimo Allison this year in drafts! Jordy Nelson has gone, but they have replaced him with Jimmy Graham and a couple of guys in the draft. Davante Adams is the clear number 1 WR and I think he could easily be a top 5 WR with Rodgers at the helm.

The saving grace if he does miss any time this season with injury is that in a 12 team league, you can stream the position pretty easily.

Give me A-Rod. You can take your DeShaun Watson love and take it elsewhere, he wont even be in the top 8 QBs this season in our opinion.

Time to find out who went after us, which you can find out here…

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