Pervious pick at the 4.11 spot by the IDP Guys Brian of JuJu Smith-Schuster breakdown can be found here

After what seemed an age for our set of picks to return, 1 thing is for certain, we are taking an RB here with 1 of these 2 picks at least.

I always find that when it is your pick in the 4th round, it is a good idea to take a look at the draft board. Look at the state of play for each GM. Has anyone gone Zero RB or Zero WR? I have found that in all drafts, at some point there are runs at each position. Picking on or near the turn you either start those runs or are on the receiving end of them (and if you are, zig when other zag).  Looking at the board, all teams except three excluding ours have 2 RBs and 2 WRs on their rosters. Those three teams that took a TE both have 2 RBs and 1 WR in their squads at our pick.

This means to me that the WR left on the board are in a slightly higher tier and have more value than the RBs on the board.

At RB, Mark Ingram, Dion Lewis and Marshawn Lynch are the next three on my list, where as at WR, we have Brandin Cooks, Josh Gordon and Chris Hogan. I am not interested in any Tight Ends in this round as the big 3 have gone and I am simply going to wait for one to fall to me.

In a vacuum I would normally take a WR here and then follow it up with a RB. That being said, in full PPR those WRs are not target monsters and I feel that taking these guys at this position is too much of a reach.

Cooks could be very boom or bust despite me being very high on him this season. The Rams would not have paid Cooks like they have if they weren’t going to favour him in the passing game. Josh Gordon may not even start week 1 and Dez Bryant is sniffing around there in Cleveland so I am happy to let him go and probably regret it later in the season. Chris Hogan is another that should be peppered early on in the season but could take a back seat when Edelman returns in week 5.

Therefore that leaves us with a RB to take.

Dion Lewis feels like a bit of a reach at the end of the 4th round despite being the guy catching passes in what looks to be an improved offence from last season, Marshawn Lynch doesn’t really catch out of the backfield.

With the 12th pick of the 4th Round, The Full10Yards Podcast selects….Mark Ingram


Ingram has a 4 game suspension to deal with, hence the discount. If he was playing a full 16 games, he would be a 2nd round pick in drafts.

Ingram has averaged over 1000 yards the last 2 seasons on the ground and totaled 18 touchdowns. Add to that , 104 receptions for 735 yards and 4 touchdowns in the air, Ingram is going to be overlooked a hell of a lot in PPR because everyone assumes it’s exclusively Kamara’s role in the offence. It’s not.

Ingram gave you at least RB3 or better numbers 13 out of the 16 weeks last season, therefore it’s pretty much lock it and load it. He had 7 RB 1 finishes in that span so the ceiling is there in this offence.

Yes it isn’t great we only get to play him in the league for 1 week in the first 6 (week 6 bye) but when he is back, we will have 2 RB 1s in our team heading towards the fantasy playoffs. even if we start the season 3-3, this leaves us in very good shape.

It’s easy to pick up a plug and play running back for those weeks Ingram is missing so I have no qualms about picking up Ingram, but understand why people may call this a reach and would’ve opted for Lewis. Someone like a Peyton Barber or Chris Carson would be perfect. Let’s hope they get to us in the later rounds.

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