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Julie Morris
  March 17, 2022

4 Small Business Ideas for Eager New Entrepreneurs

Image via Pexels

If your career dreams center around self-employment, you only need to consider the skills that you have or are willing to obtain to get started. According to studies, self-employment creates job satisfaction through flexible work hours and creating your own business plan. To get started on your journey to job freedom, consider these four small business ideas.

1. Handyman 

Handyman services are always in demand, especially in middle-class neighborhoods. If you have skills fixing things around the house and the right tools, you could create a lucrative handyman business. You need little funding to get started, but consider an equipment loan to purchase more tools as you start to gather a client base. 

Create a website that you can share on social media, and conduct market research to find the average rates for handyman services. Ask satisfied customers to spread the word about your business and leave a review on your website. Word of mouth is a great way to get more clients. Be sure to check state regulations to see if a handyman must be licensed.

2. Personal Trainer

If you love fitness, personal trainers can get certification in just a few simple steps. Start small with some at-home clients and work your way up. Stay active on your social media accounts and personalize your exercise plans so that clients feel heard and special. This is a great option for entrepreneurs with limited funding because it requires little investment to get started. As you grow, register your business with the state to keep your tax information accurate, and conduct marketing research to find a target audience for social media advertising. 

3. Freelance Writer

If you have writing skills and a basic understanding of grammar and formatting styles, you can make a career out of freelance writing. It requires no investment beyond any premium services you may use to build your website, and you can access helpful software to improve your writing skills and monitor for plagiarism. Before taking an official writing class, conduct market research to see what writing opportunities are available online for remote work. You can even consider using a product roadmap template to launch your services seamlessly and successfully! Website content writers often work remotely, allowing them to travel and live wherever they please. 

4. Photographer

Some photographers go to school to study the art form, while others simply use the skills and creativity they already possess. If you enjoy being behind the camera, start your business by taking photos for family and friends. As you build a portfolio, you can start a website with your work and advertise across your social media platforms. Tag your clients so that it shows up on their friends’ feeds as well. 

To get started, you need the proper equipment, and professional cameras can be expensive. If you already have a large social media following, try crowdfunding to see if anyone is interested in investing in your dream. You also need to purchase photo editing software and keep it updated often. 

Forming Your Business

Whichever idea you choose, to make your business official, check your state regulations for forming a limited liability company. This option works well for entrepreneurs because you can be the sole owner and deal with less administrative paperwork than other corporate entities. You can avoid doing all the legwork yourself but save on attorney fees with an online formation service, but be sure you’re familiar with the specific regulations in your state.

Also, if you’re taking payments by online means, make sure to explore solutions with a built-in bank account number verification API. This way, you are assured of timely and adequate payments for your services.

If you’ve dreamed of becoming an entrepreneur, almost everything you need to get started is available online, from business coaches to apps to simplify everyday business tasks. You are only a few steps away from doing something you love while making money.