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Divya Bandodkar
  April 15, 2021

What are the benefits of recruitment marketing?

Recruitment marketing is the process of promoting your organization and your values to your potential candidates. It is a process of communicating your talent brand to attract, engage and hire talented professionals.

The main goal of recruitment marketing is talent acquisition i.e. to get job seekers to apply for jobs in your company. It involves attracting the right talent, engaging them in your process with meaningful conversations, and promoting your jobs to them. Recruitment marketing also involves sourcing desired candidates to build a rich online talent pool.

Recruitment marketing is a must for growing teams today. Let us look at why every hiring team out there should start with recruitment marketing.

Below listed are some of the benefits of recruitment marketing that will revamp your hiring processes for good!

  1. Recruitment marketing ensures strategic alignment of your hiring process.

Hiring is a complex and time-consuming process. In order that you get success at hiring, you need to define a proper workflow. You ought to set your hiring goals well in advance. Your hiring team needs to know what kind of candidates your company needs. Recruitment marketing helps you target your desired audience effectively. You can focus more on passive candidates and attracting them to your company. Recruitment marketing helps you to align your hiring process with your hiring goals.

  1. It helps you accelerate your hiring process.

Candidate sourcing and recruitment marketing go hand in hand. Recruitment marketing saves you from the hassles of hunting candidates from scratch. A diverse talent pool having good-fit candidates is readily available for you. You no longer have to spend time searching for desired candidates. Recruitment marketing also ensures that you have maximum exposure for your job openings with promotional emails and other messaging strategies.

  1. It helps in maintaining strong employer branding.

Employer branding is a strategy to promote your workplace as the best place to work. You can share your company culture, vision, and goals with your prospective candidates via your talent brand. Employer brand also helps you in attracting job seekers to your company. Recruitment marketing helps you in promoting your brand to your target candidates.

Recruitment marketing helps you leverage your careers pages to convey your brand message to your candidates. It shapes and builds your image and reputation in the minds of your candidates. In addition to this, it helps avoid culture clashes due to misfit candidates.

  1. It ensures a better candidate experience.

Candidate experience is your candidate’s perception of your company based on their experience of your hiring process. It is how your candidates feel when they interact with your company during the recruitment process. Recruitment marketing lets you customize your candidate experience right from the day you build your talent pool. It helps you build real connections and lasting relationships with prospective candidates.

  1. Recruitment marketing is a cost-effective solution

Hiring talented professionals can be a costly affair. With a planned approach for recruitment marketing, you are indirectly cutting down on your expenses for job advertising and promotions and saving time on managing your candidates and conducting job interviews.

You can create personalized email marketing campaigns to promote your jobs and your company. You can also share some resourceful educational information or other materials with your candidates. Conducting workshops or live sessions on career guidance can also be a part of your recruitment marketing strategy. Furthermore, you can also re-engage your existing talent pool in your hiring process with the help of recruitment marketing. Build lasting relationships with your potential candidates before a job opening actually turns up in your company.

You can effectively measure your ROI by following this marketing approach towards your recruitment.

  1. Recruitment marketing promises improved candidate quality

As you and your team source candidates, you know exactly what kind of candidates you are looking for. You would conduct thorough research on your candidates before actually engaging them in your hiring process. Recruitment marketing thus ensures more and better candidate applications for your job roles. You do not waste your time in reviewing and interviewing misfit candidates.

You can get started with your recruitment marketing efforts with the help of a recruitment marketing automation software, Jobsoid. Jobsoid offers you advanced features to source your potential candidates on LinkedIn and engage them in your recruitment process with recruitment campaigns.

Get started with recruitment marketing and hire your dream team without much efforts.

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