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David Whitmarsh
  November 7, 2023

Gathering Your Employee Data To Make Better Decisions Prior To 2024

Turning Data Into Action In 7 Days

At Olumo, we specialize in helping organizations harness the power of employee data.  Leveraging over 50 pre-built campaigns that allow you to get that data in record time.
Organizations like yours can establish a clear picture of the overall health of the organization. 

Improving retention, employee engagement, reduction of onboarding time, and DEIB effectiveness has a direct impact on the bottom line.

Imagine how powerful it would be to have insights into this data before you commit to some of your budget in 2024.   The cost savings alone on a targeted approach versus a blanket spend might allow you to redirect funds to other critical issues.

Some of the items we will touch on in this demo will include:

1. Performance Metrics: Establish key performance
indicators (KPIs) for your employees. Monitor these metrics closely to identify
areas for improvement, reduce waste, and increase productivity.

2. Training and Development: Use employee data to
identify skill gaps and training needs. This targeted approach to professional development can increase employee efficiency and job satisfaction while
decreasing training costs. 

3. Employee Retention Strategies: Analyze employee
data to understand the factors that contribute to employee turnover. Develop retention strategies that improve morale, reduce recruitment costs, and
increase productivity.

Success Stories:

Olumo helped one of our manufacturing clients reduce churn from 200% to 5% while at the same time bringing their Yield in quality control to stay around the 1-5% range, making them a top manufacturer globally.  The ROI impacted millions of dollars. 

We are excited to help you optimize your workforce, reduce costs, and enhance productivity.

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